Peters Straw 1.5kg


High quality straw bedding specially conditioned for the comfort of your pet chickens and small animals

Peters Super Soft Straw is a high quality wheat and barley straw bedding for your pet chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits. It’s been specially conditioned to make it extra soft and comfortable for your pets.

Ideal for nesting boxes and pet enclosures to keep your pets cosy, warm and dry

Straw is a good insulator because it is full of air pockets to keep your pets warmer. It also effectively absorbs moisture for greater comfort. This makes it ideal to line your chickens’ nesting boxes and small pet enclosures.

Packed fresh from the Australian countryside, the golden stalks of wheat and barley in Peters Super Soft Straw will fill the air with the scent of summer. Your pets will love the sweet, earthy smell, and super soft texture.

Fill the nesting boxes and scatter it generously on the floor of the henhouse for your hens to enjoy.

Pet rabbits and guinea pigs will love snuggling into a cosy nest of Peters Super Soft Straw, so pile it generously in their enclosure.

For maximum freshness, change the bedding regularly.

Natural, environmentally friendly, and makes great garden mulch

Straw is a natural, environmentally friendly product. It’s also easy to dispose of as it makes great mulch for your garden.

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