Peters Rabbit & Guinea Pig Nibble & Gnaw 4kg


Premium guinea pig and rabbit food full of crunchy grains, crispy cereal shapes, veggies and fruit to nibble and gnaw

Peters Nibble & Gnaw is a premium blend of crunchy grains, crispy cereal shapes, lupins, beans and maize mingled with sweet tasting banana and carrot. The ingredients are not only tasty and nutritious, they provide fibre for your pet’s gut health too.

The enticing flavours and aromas of Peters Nibble & Gnaw are sure to delight your favourite pet.

Encourages natural foraging behaviour

Your pet will love the tantalising flavours, different textures and aromas in Nibble & Gnaw. Each ingredient is specially chosen to encourage the natural foraging behaviour of guinea pigs and rabbits. Mealtimes are sure to be interesting and fun as your pet searches out tasty morsels to nibble and gnaw.

Helps keep teeth healthy and trim

The crunchy grains, cereal shapes, pellets, carrot and banana chips in Peters Nibble & Gnaw promotes nibbling and gnawing to help keep your pet’s teeth clean, trim and healthy.

Suitable for all breeds of adult guinea pigs and rabbits.

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