Peters Oaten Hay 2kg


Premium, high fibre, low protein and low calcium hay ideal for pet guinea pigs and rabbits

Guinea pigs and rabbits need high levels of fibre in their diets for healthy digestion and to keep teeth trim. Peters Oaten Hay is an ideal food for guinea pigs and rabbits due to its high fibre, low protein and low calcium content. It’s a full flavoured hay with a distinctive, nutty flavour and crunchy texture.

Vital for good digestive health

Peters Oaten Hay is a source of long-strand fibre, which is vital to the digestive health of pet guinea pigs and rabbits. Eating it regularly provides essential roughage for healthy gut function.

Promotes healthy teeth

Rabbits’ and guinea pigs’ teeth grow quickly and continue to grow throughout their life. Eating hay regularly promotes chewing and gnawing activity that cleans and wears down your pet’s constantly growing teeth.

Australian grown: Peters Oaten Hay is proudly grown in Australia

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